European Observatory of Earth Observation Networks

The in-situ node for EuroGEOSS

ENEON is the European Observatory of Earth Observation Networks, funded by the European Union under the H2020 ConnectinGEO project mainly including non-space networks to better coordinate them, with the aim of providing better observations for resolving interdisciplinary problems, to improve the European in-situ participation in GEO and in support of the implementation and monitoring of the UN SDG.


Updated version of the graph on European EO networks incorporating the relation among SDGs indicators, EVs and the EO networks providing content on them. Elaborated under ERA-PLANET GEOEssential H2020 project:
There's a version of the graph which includes queries to the database:


Previous version of the graph of European EO networks elaborated under the ConnectinGEO H2020 project:

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